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KATS Price Structure

NOTE:  All pricing is in US Funds. KATS affords your agency to have additional  users at no additional charge. You are only charged for the number of  dogs you have in the system.  System administrators can add as many users who have supervisory responsibility or other need to access the  system at no additional cost.  When a dog retires or passes away, KATS affords you the ability to mark that dog as inactive, which will allow  you to add a new dog at no additional cost, while still maintaining the  ability to pull any records required for the dog that you have marked  inactive. Dogs marked inactive, can no longer have information or  activities entered, however all previous records are maintained. KATS Pricing KATS Records Management System

KATS Packages

Purchase What You Need

 Software engineers have designed  KATS to accommodate multiple user needs.  Customize KATS by ordering the  system features you need rather than paying for a full system with modules that you may never use.  The VENDORS version of KATS is free.  It is designed to allow vendors to connect with and manage training  records for those trainees who are also using KATS.