Eden Consulting Group does NOT use a public cloud based system.

We deploy the K9 Activity Tracking System from our own independent servers, with each server being RAID configured with independent IP addresses. This allows us to switch  from one server to another within minutes should a catastrophic event  occur that causes a server to go down. Additionally, backups are taken every 30 minutes.


SSL Security is provided by Digicert with a 2048 algorithm, as indicated by the green lock in the address bar you will find at KATSOnline.net.  SSL Security (Secure Sockets Layer) provide an encrypted connection between your computer or browser and our servers.

The servers are housed in secure facilities that provide the following amenities and are managed by our own team.

Data Location Facilities

Redundant Cooling System

  • N+1 cooling redundancy 
  • Redundant computer-controlled compressors, hot aisle/cold aisle containment and humidity-control systems 
  • Perforated cabinet doors for temperature control 

Power Backup

  • N+1 power redundancy 
  • Redundant uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems 
  • High-capacity continuous run diesel generators with fuel for a minimum of 24 hours of operation 

Secure Facilities

  • Unmarked facilities with single secure entrances for customers and staff 
  • Two-stage authentication process at all facilities,  including  biometric authentication, such as iris scanners, at most  facilities 
  • Individually locked cabinets 
  • CCTV security cameras (low-light technology) monitor facility interiors and exteriors 24x7 

Network Redundancy

  • Nation-wide fibre network including access points in the U.S. and overseas 
  • Multi-homed network, with extensive peering and Tier 1 transit providers

Fire Suppression

Two-stage, pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system and/or gas suppression (extinguishes fire without water)